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At this time, I do not participate on insurance panels and am considered an "out-of-network" provider. I am happy to provide you with a billing statement that you may submit for “out-of-network” insurance reimbursement and/or for tax purposes.

Why out-of-network? 

Many individuals who have health insurance elect not to use it for coverage of mental health services, and instead pay for therapy as an "out of pocket" expense, or use their flexible spending or health savings account.  Most often, this is due to concerns about the privacy of their health information, and the potential release of this information to health insurance companies and their affiliated entities.


Individual Telehealth Sessions: 

Free first 15 minute phone consult

$150 for first initial session*

$100 for every subsequent session*

Sliding Scale Offered

* I offer a sliding scale payment option to ensure you receive services for an affordable price. Contact me so we can work together to find what amount allows you to commit to your mental health.

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