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My name is Tammy Bost

I became a therapist because I know what it's like to feel stuck in perfectionism. I allowed misunderstood feelings to control me and create guilt. So I became what I wish I had.

My life’s journey brought me here to utilize my knowledge and experiences to create an empathetic and understanding environment for you to grow. As a therapist I seek to provide you a comfortable and compassionate atmosphere while gently helping you to understand other perspectives. I operate from a mindful and somatic approach with a background in systems theory. This means I ground in your present situation while looking at and understanding how your environment has shaped who you are. My practice is to utilize your own strengths so that you may confidently embrace any change. I believe it takes a strong person to seek therapy and ask for help in any area of their life. I am here to guide you in the next steps of your journey, working side by side, to empower your self-determination.

My Story - Raw and Uncut

I grew up without being taught how to recognize or understand my emotions, which led to unhealthy coping skills. These coping strategies took the form of perfectionism, cleaning obsessively, and high anxiety. I had very little control over myself growing up. I was taught the “right way” and “only way” to do things, I was always told what to do, who to be friends with, to constantly push myself to perfection, and never feel or express my emotions. I honestly thought my life was great. I was a high achieving kid, growing into a high achieving adult. I graduated high school with high honors and graduated undergrad and graduate school with a dazzling GPA most people strive for. I got a job right out of college and thought my life was on track. However, I quickly felt unfulfilled and lost. I no longer had distractions or goals to work towards. I did not know what I liked or how to make myself happy without trying to perfect my life or move towards new achievements. I was in a toxic relationship and lost all my friends. I held so much shame and judgement towards myself. Without knowing, I formed new unhealthy coping strategies of cycling through binge and restrictive eating, overworking myself in the gym, numbing my feelings with drugs and alcohol, and my obsessive cleaning became worse. I had no idea how to understand myself and my needs.

Then, I found the practice of mindfulness. With this, I began learning how to listen to my thoughts and feelings. I started going to therapy and exploring, without judgement or shame, my authentic self. I began making connections to my thoughts and feelings, and ultimately began recognizing my needs and direction in life. Through processing and trauma therapy, I began healing from my past and creating my future. My inner child became my guide for the person I wanted to be as an adult. I began trusting this information and gained the confidence, through practice, with standing up and advocating for myself. I left my toxic partner, quit my job, and began working towards building my private practice. With all this empowerment, I gained a loving partner that supports me, friends I can trust and support me, and boundaries within my personal life that allow happiness and confidence to fill my heart and body. I can confidently say now, that I am consistently connected to my inner child and am guided towards mindful and fulfilling choices. I am able to feel my feelings as they come without shame or judgement, understand my needs from them, and actively take steps to achieve my truest happiness.

Education, Credentials, & Certificates


I received my Bachelors in Social Work

with a Minor in Criminal Justice at

Saginaw Valley State University

I received my full licensure in Social Work in the state of Michigan in 2019 and have been working in the mental health therapy setting since 2016.


I then moved on to received my Masters in Social Work at

Michigan State University

I am a member of the NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Michigan Division


I earned my certificates in Mindful Educator Essentials and Mindfulness Fundamentals

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