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Helping individuals heal their inner child and build trust in their intuition

Does this feel familiar?

You wake up feeling lost or stuck in your old routines and patterns. You know you're meant for so much more, but you don't know what that is or how to get there.

If you have these thoughts:

  • "I don't know why I'm feeling this way"

  • "My brain won't shut off"

  • "I'm so anxious and nothing helps!"

  • "I know I need healthier coping skills, but it's too hard to stop"

  • "I know I want to change, but I don't know how!"

  • "I wish I could feel proud or happy of my accomplishments"

  • "I did everything right, why am I not happy?"

  • "I feel like I'm letting everyone down"

If you experience these feelings:

  • Lost and disconnected from yourself

  • Anxious and stuck in making decisions

  • Scared to choose the wrong thing

  • Out of control from your thoughts, behaviors, and reactions

  • Hopeless that nothing will ever change or get better

If any of these thoughts or feelings resonate with you or you just feel exhausted and completely unsure of how to connect to your higher self... If it seems like these issues are taking over your happiness, success, relationships, work, and even your family... there is hope! 

Life doesn't have to be this way


Hi, I'm Tammy Bost (Ruterbusch), LMSW
Owner and Clinical Therapist of Empowering Optimism Therapy

I knew I wanted to be a therapist at a very young age, but I didn't truly understand why until I was almost 23 years old. I knew I wanted to help people, but I found my passion after learning how to deeply understand my authentic self and my true emotions. I used to be stuck in anxious thoughts and reactions due to unlocked patterns from my childhood. I used unhealthy coping skills to avoid and hide from myself. I was lost in my life after having the first 22 years planned out for me. Now, I get to share my knowledge and life lessons with you.

Learn more  about my story and approach here:

How can I help?

Our promise to you is that...

Empowering Optimism Therapy provides a safe and convenient online space for people struggling with wanting to live their ideal life but are unsure how.

We aim to provided high quality care for those feeling overwhelmed with life transitions, those feeling stuck with intrusive thoughts, and those feeling frustrated in anxious loops of procrastination, perfectionist behaviors, self sabotage, chronic overthinking, endless guilt, and more.

Empowering Optimism Therapy is here to be a guide as you acknowledge and understand your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. As you connect to your authentic self through talk therapy and mind-body therapy, you will be guided to uncover your root needs and desires.

Our mission is to empower and guide you with empathy and encouragement through your healing journey to fully uncover your authentic and ideal life.

Our Values:

Empowering Optimism Therapy values Vulnerability, Courage, Honesty, Curiosity, and Determination

Currently providing telehealth services only


Services are based out of Rockford, Michigan and currently serve all of the state of Michigan 

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