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I help determined individuals heal their inner child and build trust in their intuition

Is this you?

Mission Statement:

Empowering Optimism Therapy provides a safe and convenient online space for people struggling with wanting to live their ideal life but are unsure how.

We aim to provided high quality care for those feeling overwhelmed with life transitions, and those feeling stuck in anxious loops of procrastination, perfectionist behaviors, self sabotage, chronic overthinking, endless guilt, and more.

Empowering Optimism Therapy is here to be a guide as you acknowledge and understand your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. As you connect to your authentic self through talk therapy and mind-body therapy, you will be guided to uncover your root needs and desires.

Our mission is to empower and guide you with empathy and encouragement through your healing journey to fully uncover your authentic and ideal life.

Our Values:

Empowering Optimism Therapy values Vulnerability, Courage, Honesty, Curiosity, and Determination

Meet the therapist

Tammy Bost (Ruterbusch), LMSW


"My practice is to utilize your own strengths so that you may confidently embrace any change. I believe it takes a strong person to seek therapy and ask for help in any area of their life."

Learn more  about my approach here:

Currently providing telehealth services only at this time


Services are based out of Rockford, Michigan and currently serve all of the state of Michigan 

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